Jessica Holman

About Me

There’s something to be said about someone with a passion for food but my truepassion delves a little bit deeper into the culinary world because I’m all about baking!

I’m Jessica Holman, the owner and primary baker at VibrantCakes & Confectionery. I’ve loved baking for just about as long as I can remember and have always had an affinity for trying newrecipes and introducing new desserts to friends. Coming from a German/Cubanbackground I grew up in the kitchen baking everything from Stollen in the holiday to my favorite Flan and Pastelitos de Guayaba. Over the years I have expanded my portfolio to include Ice cream cakes, Cheesecakes, and the best Lemon Cake you’ll find in Orlando!

Over the years I have decided to expand on more than just cakes. I am always striving to learn new and innovated techniques, continuing my growth to take it to new levels for myself and for my clients! To bring more than just the traditional cakes, but to be outside of the box in celebrations. Bringing unique confectionery items to special moments in life, because each celebration is unique and needs to be treat as such. From breakable hearts, deluxe cupcakes, cakesicles to custom sweet box, the delicious possibilities are endless. It truly is my joy to continue to bring new items to my clients and to be part of the celebration!

Why VibrantCakes & Confectionery ?

As I rebranding my business I went over what I would look for in my events and more importantly my favorite part – hello, the dessert! I also thought about what I look for in life and what brings me joy. As I was looking over it all, one thing brought it all together – the word, Vibrant. Celebrations in life should be Vibrant - full of energy, enthusiasm, colors and striking as should the edible centerpieces! Not only that but having a vibrant delicious taste to it!When you have Vibrant cakes at your next event it is like having a family member there to make sure you taken care of, because we care! For me this is more than just baking a great cake or dessert, I want to get to know my clients. What they like, what they don’t like, favorite colors and the theme they have in mind so I can assist in truly transforming what would be an ordinary dessert into a truly Vibrant event & centerpiece! Remember although your dessert should be tasty it is artwork!